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Why you need social media detox

 A woman browsing on social media while in bed. (Courtesy)

Social media is addictive. If you can manage to go a month without logging online, you are strong. Most people can barely go for 24 hours without checking their notifications, a condition informally known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

However, with the upsurge in mental health issues among the younger generation, a social media detox is something that many, if not all of us should prioritise.

Whether you choose to take a break from a particular platform, go completely silent on all of them or quit altogether, here are some of the benefits you will be reaping: 

You gain mental and emotional clarity

Many studies have proved the negative impacts of social media on our mental health. It has brought so many positive changes to our world but there is a dark side to it that we cannot ignore. You are constantly flooded with information that can affect how you think and possibly trigger some mental health struggles if you do not know how to handle it. A detox can help you release some of that negativity and give you a fresh start too.

Productivity increases

Have you ever tracked how much time you spend on social media? It comes as no surprise that some of us can spend even up to six hours uninterrupted glued to our screens scrolling down reels, videos, and stories. This is precious time that you would have spent doing something constructive. 

You become more present

Many people are alive, but not living. When your world revolves around social media, you are always constantly thinking of that perfect angle or that interesting caption instead of enjoying those precious moments that life has to offer. As you detach yourself from social media for a while, you realise that you do not have to pressure yourself to show others what you are doing. 

You stop obsessing over self-comparison

Self-comparison is a healthy part of our lives. This is a great source of motivation because how will you know you are making progress?

But at the same time, too much of it can be toxic and this is common when you are deep into social media. You know that people are only posting the best highlights of their lives but somehow it is still hard not to see yourself as a failure at times. That uncomfortable feeling can be overwhelming and it would help to take a break often. 

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