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Five stay-at-home outfits every woman should own

eve1214 (2).jpg
 Stay-at-home outfits you should try this season (Photo: Pinterest)

It is said that if you dress nice you feel nice. This is true because there is a reason why we feel better when wearing outfits that look good as compared to when we let ourselves go.

It's also important to know that you shouldn't just look good when you're outdoors. If you're chilling at home, you also need to put in some effort.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you need to look like a runway model when you're just watching movies all day. But, it helps to dress in a way that also builds your confidence instead of rocking torn and faded tees just because you're at home.

With that said, there is an updated list of at-home outfits that every woman needs to have. These five suggestions below will make you feel chic at all times:

Cotton maxi dress

A maxi dress is the new version of the dera. Nothing against deras, if anything, these flowy dresses are absolutely beautiful and super comfortable. it's just that with certain designs you end up looking older. This is because most if not all of them, are not fitted.

You can shop for cotton or cotton blend maxi dresses that are still comfortable, and hug the body a little more to give you some definition.

Matching loungewear set

Loungewear sets have really become all the rage. They started trending around two years ago when the pandemic hit and more people were at home.

The lounge set should be in your collection because they're just as comfortable as pyjamas, only better. You can get the shorts and jumper combo, the pants and sweater combo if you like, or any other design because there are plenty.

And actually, you don't have to buy the whole set at once. You can even buy pieces that are similar in colour and pair them to create your customized lounge set.

Sweat pants and a chic tee

The sweatpants and t-shirt combo are another stay-at-home staple that you should have. To pull off this look, you should focus on getting good-quality pieces.

For the pants, you can buy new or thrifted pairs that will last you a while. For the t-shirts try and get only plain ones or those with classy designs that fit well. These will look better than old t-shirts and free promotional shirts with loud logos.

Oversized cardigan and leggings

You also need something for those cold seasons and this pair is a great choice. Leggings might not be a good choice to wear outdoors but indoors, they are perfect.

When choosing a cardigan, go for plain colours or modern patterns. Then, have a mix of lighter and heavier leggings for different seasons.

Comfy jeans and a tee

You might be wondering why jeans are on this list but hear me out. I'm talking about the light, stretchy jeans that are comfortable to chill in all day.

Pairing these with a chic tee or vest will make you feel like you're ready to start the day in style. And in case you have to go to the shop abruptly you don't need to change which is perfect!

The secret here is, to choose a size higher or buy soft loose-fitting jeans for your at-home collection.

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