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Kericho Pastor caught in the act in a pub

Crazy World
                                                  Photo: Courtesy

A Kericho based evangelical preacher is the talk of the town for committing two ‘serious’ sins and, unfortunately for him, suffering the consequences of hell before the appointed time.

The preacher who leads a sizeable congregation in the outskirts of this highlands town, had allegedly gone to visit ‘brethren’ in Kamara area of Molo where they fellowshipped together during the Sunday service. The pastor, popularly known as Kipoitiot (the servant), left Kamara a bit late in the afternoon but because he had a car, there was no big worry.

Kipoitiot decided to have a mechanic check his Probox at Total Junction and as fate would have it, it started raining heavily. Sheltering from the rain in one of the numerous hotels in the small highway town, he soon found himself engaged in a premier league game that was showing live on TV.

The highway hotel has a bar too, and it is not known exactly what happened but a witness would recount how Kipoitiot later moved there.

“He got into the bar at around 8pm and sat quietly at the corner taking a Guiness Kubwa,” the witness who happens to be the caretaker in the building said.


Kipoitiot’s case would have been the common ‘stealing forbidden fruits’ had it not taken another strange twist. Car thieves were in town and they picked on his cherished Probox.

“I wanted it checked for a minor mechanical problem and I asked for a mechanic there,” Kipoitiot, said, pointing at the vast long-distance trucks’ parking area.

He said that the first ‘mechanic’ he met asked to be allowed to test the engine, which he did before it, started raining heavily. Kipoitiot claims he got the key back and before he went into the hotel, he personally locked his car and kept the keys. But the ‘mechanic’ had copied his key while ‘testing’ the car!

The whole episode would have been treated as the usual car theft but a ‘loose’ cameraman caught the story on tape. A crowd had formed to listen to Kipoitiot’s story and as they questioned him, a call girl was called to substantiate his claims. So the pastor took the bar game to the next level!

The crowd was trying to determine if the said girl could have been connected to the theft. She gave a detailed report on how she met and ‘struck a deal’ with the preacher.

“Si turirirax hapo vizuli mpaka tukaeda tukarara kendo saa tano (we relaxed nicely in the pub then went to bed at 11pm),” the camera captured Shiro, the girl. She also added other ‘juicy’ details of how they spent the evening in a bid to clear her name, and the verdict was ‘not guilty’.

Explaining the loss of his car back at home was not hard because ‘it was the devil’s work’ and the solution was to wait for the police as they prayed. However, the footage went to a local TV station that later on aired it as part of those crazy stories collected from around the country. Seated comfortably with his wife one evening recently, the pictures rolled and they could not believe what they saw.

The punch line was when Shiro gave her ‘evidence’.

When Shiro said “Si turirirax …tukarara…”, Kipoitiot’s wife could not take it any longer and she started a fight that cost the man his good looks.

Pastors beware of cameras!


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