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Church leaders turn against Ruto amid economic crisis

"When politicians want to propagate their agenda, they say the church and politics are one. When the church becomes tough on them, they say do the church thing and leave politics to us,”
By Benjamin Imende 2023-12-22 08:00:00
Within the same five days, other vehicles were stolen across the country, forming part of a syndicate where tracking systems are disabled, and the cars are sold both locally and abroad.
By Benjamin Imende 2023-12-19 06:50:00
The criminalisation of a people’s culture is inimical to national security. Criminals who hide behind culture should be arrested and arraigned before a court. Culture is innocent here.
By Mbugua Ngunjiri 2023-12-17 12:00:00
His Christmas has always been spiced up by well-wishers who offer him food and clothes but this year, he has noted a drastic drop of support due to the tough economy
By Jael Musumba 2023-12-15 12:20:00
UNAIDS estimates that the number of people aged 50 years or older living with HIV infection globally increased from 5.2 million in 2015 to 8.1 million in 2020.
By Rosa Agutu 2023-12-14 17:45:00
Ongata Rongai is not special. It can be seen as a microcosm of a wider issue: that of rapid urban development at the expense of the environment.
By Olivia Howland 2023-12-13 09:45:00
LGBTQ is a foreign culture which some people want to impose on us. The church is on record condemning the ruling by the court. We have asked them, again and again, to reconsider their ruling.
By Aloys Michael 2023-12-11 10:00:00
Hired goons ambushed her after articulating the need for gender mainstreaming, debunking myths about women and advocating against Female Genital Mutilation.
By Martin Ndiema 2023-12-09 11:30:00
The report noted that the timely completion of GBV cases was a challenge as a result of adjournment due to various reasons occasioned by all parties in the criminal justice system.
By Patrick Kibet 2023-12-09 09:30:00
Kenya has made commendable steps in the fight against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) amidst stigmatisation, isolation, ridicule, and insults that some survivors still experience.
By Sharon Wanga 2023-12-05 18:30:00
When I started, we only had two centres where HIV patients could get treatment. It was a big challenge and stigma and discrimination being rife, victims opted to stay away.
By Nathan Ochunge 2023-12-04 12:30:00
This might come as a surprise but the rest of the publishers cannot wait to see the back of Sirkal, only they cannot say it aloud for that would be bad manners.
By Mbugua Ngunjiri 2023-12-04 09:30:00


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