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Why you should change your bedding regularly

How often should you be changing and washing your bed sheets? What really happens if you don’t change your bedding within the recommended one to two weeks?
By Nancy Nzau 22h ago
Vasectomy is reversible through an advanced level of surgery known as micro-surgery. A technique that costs ten times the price of getting a vasectomy
By Gardy Chacha May. 27, 2023
“I felt like I had gone from 40 years to 90. I was confused, I mean, what do you mean menopause at 40.”
By Rosa Agutu Apr. 25, 2023
Can you really protect yourself from any doctor bent on doing some harm?
By Dr Alfred Murage Apr. 21, 2023
There are all sorts of well-being health checks, pills and screening tests to prevent disease. But some have taken it too far, occasionally ending up worse
By Dr Alfred Murage Apr. 14, 2023
Our bodies are exposed to numerous disease-causing agents that with time, we may feel what seems like “normal” symptoms
By Eve writer Apr. 12, 2023
According to a report released by WHO, infertility affects about one in every six people worldwide
By Dr Alfred Murage Apr. 7, 2023
Millions of Kenyans who love fast foods are at risk of developing weakened immune systems and other serious diseases from broiler chicken
By Benjamin Imende Mar. 31, 2023
Both men and women are affected by blood disorders. However, even as blood disorders cause severe diseases in both sexes, they exhibit a unique challenge in women
By Eve writer Mar. 30, 2023
Here are some tips to ease period pain and discomfort
By Kirsten Kanja Mar. 27, 2023
You can neither fix what is not broken nor enhance what is perfect. Who or what, then, has persuaded some women that they are flawed and in need of fixing?
By Eve Waruingi Mar. 25, 2023
Colds and flu are more prevalent during the rainy season. This is more so in children and the elderly, and those who may have compromised immunity
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 24, 2023