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The big question: To co-parent or not?

Co-parenting, unlike the usual societal family setup is something that most people still have challenges with
By Diana Makokha May. 24, 2023
By modelling good manners and etiquette at home, you can teach your children the importance of treating others with kindness and respect
By Esther Muchene May. 8, 2023
By Elvinah Obuya Apr. 7, 2023
Having children is a lifetime commitment that will put a strain on your finances, emotions, and even your physical health
By Ciku Kimani-Mwaniki Apr. 11, 2023
Teenage and early adulthood are absolutely challenging stages of development. At this point, young people thrive more on imagination than reality
By Elvinah Obuya Apr. 7, 2023
It was 2300hrs, I was surprised to see my 4-year-old son walk to the living room and turn on the television. Taking a closer look at him, I realised that his eyes were still closed
By Sharon Wanga Apr. 6, 2023
Both women and men should decide early in life if they want to have children, as the chance of conceiving and raising healthy children becomes narrower as they approach 40
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 15, 2023
mummy-shaming is a practice where mothers are criticised and judged for their parenting choices. It has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, thanks in part to social media
By Fay Ngina Mar. 13, 2023
Pregnancies are generally centred on the mothers, and the fathers-to-be are left in the dark, not knowing what to do or what to expect
By Esther Muchene Feb. 16, 2023
Children are now being subjected to emotional abuse after the elimination of corporal punishment in schools
By Eve Waruingi Feb. 7, 2023
The number of people who can mentor boys growing up in the absence of a father has reduced in recent years
By Ainea Bolingo Feb. 1, 2023
I’m feeling pressured by my friends to push my children harder and harder, and I don’t feel too good about that
By Chris Hart Jan. 29, 2023
Parents should be seriously involved in shaping their kids' behaviours in the right environment and not dictating their lives
By Ainea Bolingo Jan. 26, 2023