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Do you know how to burp a baby?

Baby Care
 How to burp your baby correctly (Photo: iStock)

Babies need to be burped after every feed and even in between feeds. Their digestive tracts are still developing so when they feed, they often end up swallowing a lot of air.

When that air isn’t let out, it causes discomfort, which can lead to fussiness and disrupt the baby’s sleep as well.

Getting that air out requires specific techniques, and below, you’ll find some steps and tips to guide you:

Over the shoulder

The classic technique that has been used for a long time is the shoulder technique. It’s quick, easy and gets the job done well.

What you need to do is gently place your baby on your shoulder area so that their head is comfortably resting over your shoulder. Ensure that you’re supporting them securely at the bottom.

With this technique, try and get your baby’s back to being straight so that the air comes out easier. You will then pat them gently on their back until the burp comes out.

Sitting upright

This is another technique that could work for you as well. What you need to do is, sit your baby upright as you support them, and with one hand, place their chin comfortably in between your index finger and thumb.

As you hold their chin, you should also use the other fingers to provide extra support along their chest area. Next, tilt them forward a little and pat their back for the air to come out.

If they can already support their back, just place one hand over their chest and use the other one to burp them.

Over the lap

The good thing is that you have more options when burping your baby, including this over-the-lap technique.

With this method, ensure you have one hand over your baby’s chest as you lay them on your lap, with their back facing upward. Keep your hand over their chest for extra support and use the other one to pat their back.

On your forearm

This is another burping method that quickly gets the air out. You simply need to turn your baby sideways and rest them on your inner forearm. Make sure their head is comfortably resting on that inner curve as you secure their body with your hand.

Next, you need to position them in a way that allows you to access their back. Finally, just pat their back gently for a few minutes.

Tips to note:

When you're patting the baby’s back, make sure you’re not doing it too lightly because it won’t get the air out. Just make sure you’re putting enough pressure.

Also sometimes, you might not hear the burp coming out loudly. It might come out with a light sound which is also okay.

And in case you’re struggling to get them to burp, try massaging their back in an upward motion or massage in circular motions. If that doesn’t work, try a different position and if that doesn’t work either, you might need to contact your paediatrician.


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