Buses worth Sh93 million purchased to boost CBC in secondary schools

Rangwe MP Lilian Gogo (left) distributed the buses to chiefs. [James Omoro, Standard]

The Rangwe CDF has bought 14 buses worth Sh93 million to boost the Competency-Based Curriculum in secondary schools.

The project is aimed at uplifting academic standards in the 14 secondary schools that got a bus each.

Rangwe MP Lilian Gogo distributed the buses to chief’s camps near Odienya, Ang’iro, Achego, Chiepe, Rachar, Koyoo, God Marera, and Aoch Muga, among others.

The buses were delivered to chiefs following the government ban on school functions unrelated to exams during this period.

Dr Gogo said the buses will augment CBC which will be rolled out in secondary schools next year.

The MP said CBC requires practical learning and the buses will help students take academic trips.

“It is important to be proactive in implementing development projects. We are creating a conducive atmosphere for students to learn,” Dr Gogo said.

The buses will be used for activities such as sports and music festivals.

“We want school managers to use the buses to transport students during closing and opening days to protect our girls from sex pests,” the MP added.

Dr Gogo said schoolgirls who over-rely on boda boda for transport are often violated.

The lawmaker urged headteachers to utilise the vehicles well to achieve the intended objectives.

Parents expressed confidence that the project will relieve them of the pressure from school administrators to contribute and buy a school bus.

Parent Jane Akinyi said, “My son’s school has been planning to buy a bus in a project funded by parents but I am happy that we are not going to part with any money as we already have one.”