TSC, Ministry clash on minimum entry grade for teacher training colleges

Education Cabinet Secretary AMB. Dr. Amina Mohamed believes lowering the minimum entry grade to D for teacher training colleges will allow students from marginalised areas a chance to learn.

Teachers training colleges are in a dilemma on the entry grade for new students as the Teacher's Service Commission (TSC) and the Ministry of Education have different stands on the matter.

Some privately owned teacher's training colleges have already commenced the process of admitting new students who attained grade D in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) exams. This comes after they were given a go ahead by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA). 

Public teacher training colleges on the other hand have only admitted students who attained grade C and above in KCSE as they wait for relevant bodies to agree on the minimum grade.
TSC is opposed to the admission of grade D students to teachers training colleges and if they have their way on this issue, multiple students will lose their cash as the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) will not allow them to sit for examinations.
TSC has warned that grade D teachers will not be registered after graduation as the entry grade should be C.
In June this year, Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed gazetted regulations stating that the minimum entry KCSE grade for a diploma course in teaching is C minus and grade D for a certificate course.
This matter ought to be resolved immediately as from next year, teacher training colleges will cease to offer certificate courses (also known as P1).
While dismissing TSC'S stand on the minimum entry grade issue, KNQA said colleges were allowed to admit new students who got grade D in KCSE. KNQA further stated that TSC is just the teachers' employer and cannot play the regulatory role.
CS Amina while addressing the education committee in the National Assembly stated that the minimum entry grade for teacher training should be grade D as it will allow students from marginalised areas to have an opportunity to join teacher training colleges.
Kenya Teachers' Colleges Principals' Association Chairperson Saul Barasa while commenting on the matter at hand said that they are waiting for the issue to be resolved before admitting any grade D student.