DT Dobie customer complaint letter goes viral

DT Dobie offices on Lusaka Road, Nairobi. [Courtesy]

After gruelling 11-day wait for his car to be repaired, a customer has written a quirky complaint letter that has gone viral on the inter webs.

Peter Ng’ang’a, decided enough is enough and penned down a letter addressed to Ian Middleton, the CEO of DT Dobie Kenya.

According to the letter in our possession, Ng’ang’a had taken his VW Passat for repair on August 16, 2019 for service and repair.

In his letter, Ng’ang’a paints a picture of a heartbroken car owner who misses his beloved car.

“... my vehicle sits at your workshop, ignored and uncared for, perhaps even lonely. Not one soul has popped the hood to say, ‘Hello, we will be with you as soon as the UK government decides on Brexit.’ “

In the undated letter, Ng’ang’a says after dropping off his Passat KCG 453 W to DT Dobie, his vehicle has not been attended to, 11 days later.

He says DT Dobie has not communicated about what should be done on the car, even after they promised to call him back when he left the car with them.

“I got one call. That’s all. This was after I called to follow up!!! They said they’ll call back as soon as they find a service advisor to allocate the vehicle to. The US Open has begun. I still await. Census came; I declared I had only one wife. I still await. Help save a neglected vehicle,” Ng’ang’a pleads with the DT Dobie CEO.

The undated letter that went viral. [Courtesy]

In the letter, Ng’ang’a list major events that have happened since August 16 - when he took his car to DT Dobie.

“Since then, summit in France, Amazon wildfires have made headlines, Trump has lambasted his Fed Reserve chairman, and pretty much everyone else, A Cabinet has been named in the DRC, My daughter lost Lè Mbûri, her pet goat, Kenya exported its first batch of crude oil, …” he wrote.

When contacted by Standard Digital, Ng’ang’a confirmed that indeed he authored the letter but was not willing to share anything with the media since the DT Dobie CEO had already reached out to him.

“Yes I indeed wrote the letter, but the CEO has reached out to me and we had a good chat,” he said.

Ng’ang’a said the letter is self-explanatory and the media should read it.

“Whatever you want to ask is in the letter, just go back and read it,” he retorted on phone.

DT Dobie is a motor dealer company that sells Volkswagen, Mercedes, Hyundai trucks and their parts, they also operate a garage where customers can take their cars for service and repair.

It is the biggest dealer of Volkswagen and Mercedes cars in Kenya and East Africa.

DT Dobie in 2017 started assembling Volkswagen (VW) vehicles including saloon cars and light trucks at the Thika-based Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers plant.

Before 2017, DT Dobie imported fully built German vehicles from markets like South Africa.