Participants find joy in new sport as they also keep fit

 A new sport, fitness wars is catching on like bushfire.

The sports that involves participants testing their fitness levels in the gymnasium has proven to be popular with many who love to keep fit.

The joy of the sport is to see who among many participants who will converge in a particular gym will be the last man or woman standing after going through various routines that come with fitness.

The proceeds from the sport go to help children homes.

The brainchild of Atilla Merdin, Cula Budi and Alvin Lee, the sport tests every aspect of a competitors fitness level.

“It tests one’s cardiovascular capacity, strength, power and endurance! It also derives special exercise that gives you each of these aspects,” explains Merdin.

He added:”We started this event after an argument about whether one gains a lot by going to the gymnasium.

“The challenge was taken to social media and it got a huge traction.

Fitness wars judge Winnie Okoth (left) counts down as Joy Owango gets into action on during the quartely Fitness Wars held at the Ligi Ndogo grounds,Nairobi [Elvis Ogina. Standard]

“We decided to have it for a good cause and asked people to go head to head on a set of different exercises that test ones strength, power and endurance.”

The organisers go around Nairobi and select children’s homes that are in very poor conditions, make pre-visits to  find out what they need the most. On the day of the event people come with whatever donations they can bring, monetary and non-monetary.

There are no finals as normal events, but there is main event, and heats.

The winners get cash prize, and all contestants get hampers from the sponsors who include Ultimate Sports Nutrition, Alpha fit, Nywele Nzuri-Junction mall and Biofoods. 

Budi said despite the competitive aspect of the event, giving back to the community is also key.

“The main aim is for the kids and the charity aspect. We wanted to give back to the community and what better way to do it then target kids.”