Brothers commit suicide after argument with mother in Kisumu

Residents of Koguta village in Nyakach Kisumu county are still in great shock after two brothers committed suicide in a period less than two weeks in two separate incidents.

The first committed suicide by hanging himself on a mango tree near his elder's brother's hut. Ben hanged himself after a misunderstood argument with his mother over food.

A hungry man is an angry man, Ben got angry after his mother warned him never to demand food in any case he comes home past midnight from his den of drinking.He assured his mother never to see him again after which he took a rope and ran away.

Around five in the morning, Omondi the elder brother woke up only to find his younger brother hanging lifeless on a mango tree near his hut and rushed to mothers house to break the sad news.

Due to customs of Luos, he was instructed by the elders to cane his dead brother while still hanging on the rope to drive the bad spirit away since he was the first to see him.

Barely three days later after his younger's brother burial, Omondi argued with the mother over the money raised in his younger brother's burial. He threatened also to hang himself if a portion of the money raised in the burial was not given to him.

On the same day, he was stopped by his second cousin who found him still with a rope in his hand ready to hang.The next day Omondi was found dead after he consumed alcohol which he mixed with poison in his hut.