No learning for pupils as school closed down due to insecurity

[Photo: Courtesy]

A primary school has been closed down following insecurity reported along Kerio Valley.

Todo Primary School in Kolowa, Tiaty constituency in Baringo County, has remained deserted for more than one week after bandit attacks that led to the death of more than five people and tens of livestock stolen.

The school's head teacher Hellen Chebon said pupils and teachers were forced to flee after cases of insecurity spiraled out of control.

“We had already opened school this term when the attacks started. When they persisted, we were forced to close down because we did not want to risk the lives of children and the teachers,” said Ms Chebon.

The school which is approximately five kilometres from where the killings happened, was hosting more than 300 pupils who hail from the nearby villages.

Outgoing Rift Valley Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo said the government is working with security officers to ensure sanity is restored and locals resume their normal operations.