10 crucial reasons why a wife should earn her own money too

No matter how wealthy a husband is, the wife should also earn her own money. Whether through employment, or business. Whether she earns more money than him, she needs to earn her own money for the following reasons...

1."To tame the husband"
Men often cheat and feel like they can get away with cheating on a woman who has no financial muscle. These men who cheat know that the woman can do nothing without him and so she will stay home with the child/children regardless of how bad he treats her. The first thing a man who is cheating and destroying a woman does is to financially strangle her. When a man has a wife who is financially capable of standing on her own, he tends to be at his good behavior because he knows she can walk out the moment he cheats, even with the child/children because she is capable. Men rarely mess with empowered women, such a woman can stand up to him. Wives with no finances, put up with all the evil done to them because they have been locked out of outside help and contact; their life is at home, no matter how toxic that home is

2. "For personal fulfillment"
In as much as men have dreams and feel fulfilled as they pursue them, women have dreams too. The same joy a man feels when providing for his family, building, funding projects; the woman should feel that too. Just like a man, when a woman does her dream job, lives her dreams, earns money and contributes to society; she feels more confident and filled with dignity

3. "Two are better than one"
A man is great by himself, but with his wife, he is greater; and so is the woman. When both husband and wife combine forces, they have better returns. More money never hurts a family that knows how to use money

4. "To pursue her cause"
We all as individuals have a personal cause we want to take care of in society. A woman might feel passionate about the environment, the arts, cyber security, orphans, leadership, fashion, health. When she has her own money that she has earned, after using part of the money in the family and marriage; she can finance those personal causes without begging for her husband to believe in and fund what she is so passionate about. Having her own money empowers her

5. "For stability"
Yes, storms happen in life. The husband can become broke, retrenched, his business can suffer huge losses or even worse, he could get sick or involved in an accident. When the productivity of the husband gets negatively affected or paused, the wife can step in even more and make sure the needs of the family are still met

6. "To make good use of her skill"
She was taken to good schools; Primary to High School, maybe even University. Perhaps she has a Degree, Masters or PhD. Life has also taught her a lot and she has gained many skills and much wisdom; surely, all that should be put into productive use. Lady, don't waste your life away. Get out there and get involved. Work

7. "To reduce over-dependence on the man"
Instead of her constantly turning to her husband and asking money for hair, fuel, food, clothes, sanitary pads. She can be interdependent. Yes, interdependent because lady, just because you earn your own money doesn't mean you two don't need each other. He is still your husband. You are in this together. The husband feels good when sometimes the wife says "Relax honey, I got this!" Now that is a Queen

8. "To model to the children"
When a mom is earning and is successful in her career or business; the son learns that women are not weak and that they can work hard just like men. The daughter learns to believe in herself and dream big dreams. 'If mum can do it, so can I' she thinks

9. "To be at par with her husband"
Many husbands eventually find their housewife not as challenging, the two drift apart. That is because, as the husband works and earns, he grows in many ways professionally, socially, mentally and physically. But the housewife, all her life is largely about children, and house chores. Conversations with her are not as engaging as with the people outside who are working or in business. The wife should find something challenging to do, even if it means running an online business or commercial blog. As she engages in more than household matters, she grows, just like the husband is growing

10. "She is more than a wife and a mother"
A woman is capable of not just being a good wife and mother, but also a good social leader, business person, career woman, public figure, activist, scholar. She can balance it all. She has so much potential. There is more to her than being a wife and mother. She was created with a destiny to realize


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