Let us revert to eight provinces to cut elective posts

The new Constitution has burdened Kenya with 47 counties, 47 governors and several MCAs whose work is done by MPs through the CDF. MCAs earn huge salaries and to justify their position, they have resorted to threatening and impeaching governors. There are some regions which have more governors thanks to the allocation of counties. These are Rift Valley, Nyanza and Central. If we have 42 tribes why do we have 47 governors? This means there are governors whose counties have less population. To cut the wage bill, it is imperative to compel Parliament to amend the Constitution to reduce the number of governors as well as MCAs.

Let us revert to the eight regions in line with the Ministry of Interior. The former provinces: Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, Eastern, North Eastern, Nairobi, Central and Coast. Governors have complained that they are starved of funds. If we revert to the eight regions, those complaints will be a thing of the past. As resources will be enough and they will be shared equitably. Yes, the new Constitution is a burden to tax payers.