Academic requirements will haunt politicians down

After the promulgation of the new constitution, new rules were added to those who want to contest in Kenya’s elections. One of the requirements is that, before one can contest in an election, a person must be a diploma or a degree holder.

This has seen many leaders go back to school, even those not holding office. There has been a hue and cry over academic papers of some leaders in Kenya. No action like investigation has been seen to be forthcoming. In Kenya Port Authority, some workers who were found to have fake academic papers were fired and some have cases in court.

In leadership management of Kenya, many CEO’s have never undergone quality audit for their academic certificates, although many articles have been written in newspapers about their fake academic papers. In parliament, M P‘s want to extend the duration when academic qualification should be needed. Meaning they do not want them to be required during the 2017 elections.

This is watering down the law requiring someone to have a diploma or degree to contest in an election. If in Kenya there are over 50 universities and very many colleges what prevents Kenya’s parliamentarians from going back to school? In Uganda, it is a law to be a graduate in order to contest in an election and quality papers are passed in parliament.

This year many people will graduate from these universities who can as well contest for elections, come next year. Senator Sonko went back to school, he has graduated. In Mombasa we have very many people who have declared their interest to contest as Governors, but the elephant in the room is their academic qualifications