Kenyan men your time is up

In Kenya, we have seen many women leaders in all walks of life and especially in leadership position and some working for the government while others are politicians and to name but just a few, they include Charity Ngilu, Gladys shollei, Grace kahindi, Millie odhiambo, Ann waiguru, Ruth odinga, Martha karua, Kaplan Rawal, Nancy Barasa, Naomi Shaaban, Julia ojiambo, Shebesh, Mishi Mboko, Naomi shabani, Alice Nganga, Wavinya Ndeti, Elizabeth Ongoro, Gladys Wanga etc.

But the women seem to play a second fiddle to the men in Kenya. They do not challenge their status quo because they are being too hands off. They have to wait to be appointed by men or must be accompanied by men whenever they issue statements. Is it that they can’t do it alone?

It is only Martha Karua and Charity Ngilu who have dared to think creatively and outside the box by standing as presidential candidates. Most of them have had one or two scandals which make them keep quite or leave the public domain all together.

Kenyan women are not walking the walk or talking the talk, they can go far. They should focus on things that matter. We need more women leaders in Kenya and those who will give us women leaders are women themselves. See how proud Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Liberian president who came to Kenya during the Jamhuri Day.She is ruling the country and men are saying yes. I think it is the work of men in Kenya to embarrass women so that the women fear seeking public leadership posts in Kenya. Let Kenyan women not underrate themselves in the coming 2017 elections.

Women, it is now the turn of the Mekatilili wa Menza and Wangu wa Makere. Kenyan men your time is up!