Tana River woman gets 20-years in jail for sexually preying on boys

A Tana River woman will cool her feet behind bars for 20 years after the court found her guilty of sexually assaulting a schoolboy in a bush within the County.

The trial magistrate’s court sitting in Hola found Margarete Nyokabi guilty of engaging in unlawful sex with the boy after picking him up from their home within Bura irrigation settlement scheme.

Nyokabi who was positively identified by the prosecution witnesses in court was caught stripping her jeans and sitting on the boy’s chest and sexually assaulting him. She, according to witnesses used protective rappers and condoms while committing the act.

Nyokabi the court heard took the boy to the forest where she committed the act and threatened him not to divulge the story.

Resident Magistrate Benson Kabanga said the court found no doubt in the evidence adduced by the prosecution witnesses. The magistrate said the woman was positively identified.

The court heard that she committed the offence on April 12 and 13, 2021.

In mitigation, Nyokabi pleaded for leniency saying that she had children who depend on her plus her blind mother.

"Though the accused is a first-time offender and is remorseful for her action the court finds her guilty and should receive a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years to rectify her ways and also give the period for the society time to heal from her deeds," he said.