Leaders accuse commissioner of sabotage


Kilifi county: War of words between political leaders of Kilifi County and county commissioner dominated celebrations to mark 50 years of independence at Karisa Maitha grounds.

Local politicians accused County Commissioner Erastus Ekidor of being a stumbling block against development in Kilifi. Governor Amason Kingi told Mr Ekidor to accept working with his county government and address the many problems facing the area people or seek transfer to another county.

However, Ekidor defended himself against claims made by the politicians that he had sabotaged the development programmes of the county by failing to corporate with the governor.

“It’s not true that I have failed to cooperate with the county governor but let me state that I will work as per what the Constitution allows me to do and not from anybody’s orders,” said Ekidor.

Trouble started when the Kilifi South MP Mustafa Idd accused the commissioner of allegedly having directed his junior administration officers and those of the Ministry of Lands not to attend a public meeting called by the governor to address land dispute at Kijipwa settlement scheme recently.

Mr Idd said it was shocking to see Ekidor refusing to work with the county government to address the thorny issue of land in the county though he was posted there by the national Government to assist the people in development matters.