Kenyan entrepreneur revolutionises agriculture with innovative practices

Nathan Loyd, CEO and Chairman of  AvoVeg Health. [Courtesy]

A Kenyan entrepreneur is leading innovative practices to transform Kenya’s agricultural sector.

Nathan Loyd serves as the CEO and Chairman of  AvoVeg Health, a Nairobi-based company, that is primarily targeting the European market.

Loyd’s commitment to value addition and advanced agricultural practices promises significant benefits for Kenyan farmers and the wider economy.

AvoVeg Health has already invested over Sh1 billion in the country’s agricultural sector.

 The company is now launching a new venture to enhance the avocado industry by introducing cutting-edge machinery for processing and packaging avocados.

According to Loyd, the idea aims to tackle the critical issue of post-harvest wastage and, in turn, benefit numerous farmers across the country.

“Our new venture will address the significant challenge our farmers face due to wastage issues,” he says.

The company is set to invest approximately Sh2.2 billion an initial ($20 million) in this pioneering project by the third quarter of 2024.

The project involves deploying a state-of-the-art guacamole processing machine, the first of its kind in East and Central Africa, to reduce avocado wastage and boost the local economy.

“Our aim is to benefit numerous farmers across Kenya by adding significant value to the local economy,” he says.

AvoVeg Health's journey stands as a testament to the power of visionary leadership and the potential for transformative growth in Kenya’s agricultural landscape," noted Loyd as he accompanied President William Ruto on his recent tour during the United States state visit.

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