E-mobility is the solution to rising fuel prices, says expert

 Basigo Chief Revenue Officer Moses Nderitu.[Screen Grab]

As fuel prices continue increasing, motorists are now exploring alternative means of transport to reduce costs and maintain their budgets.

The use of electric vehicles is one such means, as it is considered cheaper compared to vehicles that are fuel-ran.

In recent months, the country has witnessed the introduction of several electric buses and cars at various stations especially in Nairobi.

According to Basigo Chief Revenue Officer Moses Nderitu, matatu owners have noted how cost-effective electric buses are and hence the positive reception.

Speaking on Spice FM on Tuesday, November 7, Nderitu said that after numerous attempts, e-mobility could very well be the solution to high fuel costs.

“Kenya is one of the most viable countries for e-mobility and over time, e-mobility has proven to be a solution to the high cost especially in the transport sector,” he said.

In a month, a matatu operator will use an average of Sh300,000 on fuel whereas a driver of an electric bus will use up to Sh90,000, Nderitu says.

This is more than double the expenses and the two are operational in the same route; the income is the same but the expenses are different.

Further, Nderitu noted that an electric bus requires minimal maintenance with few repairs as it has few movable parts compared to fuel-ran public service vehicles.

This in the long term is profitable to the car owner despite the initial cost of the bus being expensive.

Electric vehicles have gained popularity in the public sector with most ferrying passengers to various routes including the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport- Nairobi CBD route.

The route was launched a few months ago under Super Metro.

During the launch, Kenyan Electric Mobility start-up BasiGo Chief Executive Officer Jit Bhattacharya said: “The number of electric buses in Kenya keeps growing. Today, we are proud to hand over this transformative bus to Super Metro”.

By adopting the e-mobility system, the government hopes to reduce gas emissions that fuel climate change.

However, Nderitu says that it will not only be effective for climate change but also reduce the cost of living.

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