My life is in danger, Savula says after mother's home raided

Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula at county headquarters on November 7, 2023. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula has claimed his life is in danger after unknown people reportedly raided his mother's home and killed one of her dogs by chopping it into pieces.

Savula said he believes the raid on his mother's home at Manyonyi village in Lugari constituency on Saturday night has something to do with his recent remarks over the rising cost of living.

"I called Lumakanda police station immediately I received the information that night and officers were dispatched to the scene," said Savula who indicated that he was in Kisumu town when the attack happened.

"I believe the attack has everything to do with my recent remarks on the rising cost of living," the former MP said.

He added: "I was shocked when police officers told me that the over 50 people armed with machetes were cattle rustlers whose mission was to steal my mother's herd but their explanation doesn't make sense because the attackers did not steal anything in the end."

"The attackers escaped using the rare gate that they had used to gain access into the compound. It is an act meant to intimidate and silence me from speaking out the truth."

The deputy governor claimed the attack, which happened moments after he took a swipe at President William Ruto's handlers for failing to help the Head of State address the challenge of the rising cost of living when he attended a funeral in Kapsabet, Nandi County, was a deliberate attempt to silence him.

"It was about me and not my mother given the manner in which the attack was executed," said Savula.

President William Ruto addresses Muslims and Christians at Mama Ngina waterfront in Mombasa on November 5, 2023. [Omondi Onyango, Standard]

Addressing mourners on Saturday in Nandi County, Savula said the President has a "praise and worship team" that lies to him that everything is okay when things are going wrong as far as measures to resuscitate the economy as concerned.

"Former President Mwai Kibaki introduced free primary education but under CBC, parents are being asked to pay Sh5,000. How will they pay the school fees under the current circumstances," said Savula.

Savula has vowed to continue pushing the government to cushion Kenyans against the effects of the high cost of living "the attacks and intimidation tactics notwithstanding".

"I am an elected leader whose work is to represent my people and inform them about the current happenings. Threats and intimidation will not stop me from telling the government to do its work," said Savula.

He added: "I respect the President. However, he should allow a national discourse on the issue of the economy for Kenyans to give their views on how the problem can be addressed."

Savula faulted the Finance Act 2023 arguing that double taxation on petroleum products is the main cause of high fuel prices.

"In Tanzania, they don't have double taxation like in Kenya where we tax fuel levy development fund and 16 per cent Value Added Tax(VAT) on one product and the money goes to one consolidated fund that is causing fuel prices to go up," said Savula.

He dismissed claims the war between Ukraine and Russia, and the one between Israel and Palestine, have caused the fuel crisis.

"Globally, the price of fuel has not gone up. The issue we are having in Kenya is multiple taxation and that is why fuel prices in the neighbouring countries remain low," he said.

Western Region Police Commander Kipono Langat said he has not received any report about the said attack but promised to make a follow-up on the matter. 

"I have not been briefed about the matter but let me find out before I can comment," said Langat.

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