Sheep don’t run with lions

Have you ever interacted with someone obviously doing better than you?

They could be running the successful business you always wanted, owning a house or driving a car you covet. They are living a life you envy.

The natural impulse for many is to come up with dubious reasons why this particular person is seemingly so successful without taking a beat to see the opportunity to learn from them.

A missed opportunity, really.

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A more palatable scenario in our minds is to want to be the leader of the pack.

You would rather be the prettiest, most successful or wealthiest of the lot you hang out with; because it feels good to be looked up to and admired.

It gives one a rush. But does it do you any good?

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When you hang around people who are better than you, inevitably you get better too.

But it requires some humility to let others shine, to listen and learn. Learn from their mistakes so that you never make them.

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Get their perspective on the problems you are dealing with.

You will leave enlightened and wiser. So take a long deep look at the company you keep.

Do you keep it because you get a sense of satisfaction or does it inspire you to be better?

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