Mama Lucy Hospital gets IT upgrade

Eunice Wambui now sighs relief when she visits Mama Lucy Hospital to seek treatment.

She says the hospital which receives over one thousand patients daily has always been flanked by many patients and is ever congested.

“We live in this side of Eastlands and this is the nearest hospital but it is ever crowded and by the time you get service you will have given up. Others even do not bother queuing because it is tedious, “said Wambui.

She is now happy that the hospital got a better service system that has reduced congestion and has put the needs of the patients at forefront to achieve universal healthcare.

“This system has been effective even though not perfect but has improved service delivery and we are better now than before,” said Wambui.

This comes after the hospital received a queue management system that was launched by Governor Mike Sonko that seeks to enhance patient service delivery.

The move is aimed to help the hospital manage patient service delivery, data collection, record keeping and retrieval process.

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The Sh5 million system will ease congestion at the facility that serves close to 1,500 patients a day.

The new system allows patients to meet a vendor when they come in, pick a ticket number which is collected at various clinics in the hospital.

According to Mama Lucy Hospital Medical superintendent Musa Mohammed, the new system has seen previous challenges experienced reduce significantly.

“We have made tremendous progress with our staff quickly adopting it and seeing it improve efficiency despite the few challenges at some of our departments,” said Mohammed.

The Chairman of Mama LucyHospital John Aketch said the effort made by the county government to assist the hospital in acquiring the system will greatly improve time wastage and congestion.

 “This system will enable better service delivery to our patients and it will go a long way in improving amenity to the community,” said Aketch.

The UAP Old Mutual Foundation Chairman Dr Peter Muthoka said the foundation is determined to keep partnering with the county in supporting vulnerable communities in healthcare financing. 

“The foundation remains committed to working with local governments in supporting vulnerable communities and initiatives geared towards healthcare financing,” said Muthoka.       

According to the governor, city hall will also employ more than 300 health workers to help cushion the workforce deficit in the county hospitals.

He said in a bid to address the deficit in the county's health sector, those to be employed are 260 nurses and clinical officers, and 60 medical officers.

“We are going to advertise these jobs and we expect them to be on duty as early as February next year,” said Sonko.

The new maternity wing which is still under construction is yet to be officially opened early next year.

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