Reactions: Youth refuse to buy Uhuru's claim that he loves them yet gives jobs to old people

How will the youth get experience if they are not being offered jobs? How will we tell the youth not to go into crime if we keep denying them jobs and offering them to the old guard? If the people Uhuru is giving jobs are finally forced to step aside because of ill health or other vagaries of old age, wont the jobs be now left to an inexperienced cadre of workers? The president should think about the future of this country before he starts dishing out jobs to those who don't deserve them. - Donald Collins

Every human being shall finally go to the creator. Before we all go to meet him, let as all be given an equal chance to enjoy earthly riches, jobs included. Please give jobs to the youth. - Winnierose Wangui

My thinking is the youth lack experience to loot the country. That is why they are being left out of important jobs. I say this because of the corruption I have witnessed. - Meshack Kitai.

Now I see that this country is heading the wrong way. The other day I tried getting a job at a government agency, and they locked me out because of experience. Yet it was a job I was fully qualified for. - Sam Makunyi.

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Uhuru needs to rethink his policies. At least 90 per cent of jobless people in this country are youth. He had said he will provide one million jobs for them. Where are these jobs? - Gideon Njagi

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