19-year-old pockets Sh1,600 daily from selling potatoes

Emmanuel Mukunzi, 19.
After my primary school, I started looking for jobs that can help me be self-dependent.

I left my home in Luanda-Vihiga for Kisumu and first ventured into selling water to households.

I didn’t need much capital to start the water business since I was introduced to it by an individual who would lease me his cart together with Jericans for Sh100.

One cart of 12 Jericans cost me Sh25 and after selling I would get Sh120 per cart.

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On a daily basis I would sell 120 Jericans making my daily income Sh850 after deducting my expenses.

I sold water for four months and left the business to sell potatoes because water networks expanded, with most homes getting piped water.

Just like my initial hustle, I knew I would reach out to customers; I never wanted to be in a stall.

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So I bought a 50kg sack of potatoes for a startup and hired a cart which I use to supply in estates with Kisumu.

One sack of 50kg cost Sh1,300 and after sales I would make a profit of Sh500 on each sack.

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On a good business day I can sell up to five six sacks but my average is always four sacks per day bringing my daily income to Sh1,600 after deducting my expenses.

There is no great challenge I encounter because during scarcity period we know how to sell and our customers understand the seasons.

I love my job and in future I look forward to venturing into other businesses.

I would like the youth to avoid fears and try their hand in this businesses perceived to be odd by our generation.

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