Pay lecturers their dues promptly

Last week saw students from a local university air the institution’s dirty linen all over media platforms. Why? They had been locked out of graduation

Some had gotten married, birthed children, and moved on with their lives. Then just when they thought they would finally find their names on the list, they were shocked, terribly.

The elusive graduation had evaded them yet again. Why was this? Someone said something about fee payments not being made on time. Another about a ‘higher power’ in the school locking them out.

Then there were those who laid blame on the administration and lecturers who were now playing ping-pong with their marks and lives.

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Throughout the entire murky mess, what stuck was the endless chorus of lecturers withholding marks due to delayed payments.
 We often talk smack about lecturers and use them for comic relief. And rightfully so.

Some of them are not the easiest people to work with. When they are not locking you out of a class for showing up five minutes late, they are losing marks or frustrating you to the point of a sexually transmitted degree. We make fun of their tired suits and their archaic teaching methods.

Then we huddle in small groups and discuss their personal affairs, wondering whether a failed relationship is the cause of foul mouth for the formerly calm lecturer.

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Nevertheless, not every lecturer is sent from hell or whatever hole the devil unleashes cancer, floods, Brians and Kevins from. Some do the work. They put in the time and effort. They research, as opposed to using the same course material that was used by our grandparents. These are the lecturers that reply to emails at 2am, show up to class on time and ensure students get value for their time and money.

These are the lecturers that will set a paper from the taught course material, a breath of fresh air from those who recycle exam papers.  

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It is these very lecturers that will withhold marks when push comes to shove, because they have responsibilities and money is not forthcoming from universities.

In addition, the same lecturers will have students’ futures on pause, because Caesar did not get what rightfully belonged to him.  

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