Chinese businessman to face Sh1.3b tax evasion charges

Kenya Revenue Authority Headquarter in Nairobi (PHOTO: FILE)
A Chinese businessman being investigated by Kenya Revenue Authority detectives for allegedly evading paying tax amounting to Sh1.3 billion will appear in court today to plead to an offence of tax evasion.

Miao Yi who is the proprietor of Nippo Suppliers Company is being accused by KRA detective of failing to file the correct amount of income following the amount of money he deposited in his bank accounts after doing business in the country.

KRA detectives said they had decided to charge Miao with evasion of tax amounting to Sh349 million as a start after completing their phase one investigation.

The accused who appeared in the court before Mombasa Chief Magistrate Edna Nyaloti however did not plead to the charges.

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“I am therefore remanding him to wait for an interpreter, it is his right to understand what he is being charged with,” said Nyaloti

The accused along with Jiang Liang and other company employees have already been charged in other tax evasion related charges.

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