How showing European League butters my bread

George Ngugi, 27
I called it quits as a matatu tout after a year in that line and invested in an entertainment business when I opened a video hall.

Seeing the following the English Premier League commands in the country and other premium matches like the European Champions League, I invested in a digital satellite dish and a large screen television in filling the entertainment gap as some crucial matches are not accessible to those subscribed to pay television decoders owing to flagship rights.

It is usually brisk business at the weekends when football fans flocks in with weekdays seeing slump in number of customers interested in movies are not many.

However, I do lend out CDs and DVD discs at a fee for those who prefers to watch at the comfort of their homes.

The migration to the digital television content has seen an uptick of television stations, and viewers are spoilt for a choice of entertainment to choose from and this is what has the number of movie goers going down over the time.

Also, some opts to download movies of their choices in memory sticks to watch at their leisure.

Another challenge is some streams in live matches by investing in data and seeing no need to watch the same at a video or social hall.

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Business slows down during the European league breaks.

However, on a good weekend day, I make at least Sh3,000 and Sh1, 000 on weekdays.   

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