Rolls-Royce to introduce new plane engines

The aviation industry is about to undergo an engine revolution following steps by Rolls-Royce to provide hybrid electric propulsion systems for the next generation of quieter and cleaner aircrafts.

Deputy Director of Rolls-Royce Electricals, Mike Mekhiche, says successful ground tests of a hybrid system using Rolls Royce 250 gas system, an engine usually used to power helicopters, have been done at facilities in Indianapolis, USA.

“The tests are part of one of the world’s most comprehensive hybrid aerospace turbine engine developments and pave the way for experimental flights on aircrafts in 2021,” he said recently.

“The Rolls-Royce hybrid electric propulsion system demonstrator integrates a gas turbine engine with a high energy density battery system, electric generators, power converters and an advanced power management and control system.”


Dr Mekhiche said the system will be used across a range of transport platforms to enable distributed electric propulsion, inclusive of hybrid electric vertical takeoff and landing gears.

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Rolls-Royce has customers in over 150 countries comprising over 400 airlines, 150 armed forces and 4,000 marine customers and navies, he said.

He says the hybrid electric propulsion system will transform the way aero transport is designed and produced, reducing the time required to travel, revolutionising cargo delivery and changing the way cities and infrastructure are designed.

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