Land companies, state officials accused of abetting land fraud

Land buying companies and government lands offices are to blame for the increased fraudulent transactions in Laikipia.

County leaders said land buying companies are the key facilitators of irregular and double allocations and the failure to issue title deeds to residents for long periods of time.

Speaking during a meeting with Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney and National Lands Commission officials, Deputy Governor John Mwaniki said there had been reports of land officers colluding with some companies to con unsuspecting land buyers.

“There is urgent need to fix the registries because they are the ones that issues double title deeds for a single parcel of land,” said Mwaniki.

In some areas such as Likii where no titles have ever been issued, the leaders said some individuals and institutions, including churches, already had titles deeds.

“There are a few individuals colluding with rogue public servants for their own benefit,” said Kiguru.

Karoney said she will convene a meeting in two weeks to straighten the issue.

“It is not possible that a company that was registered many years ago has not issued title deeds to its clients,” she said.