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Views: Are Jubilee’s trade deals binding on the next government?

By Epuyo Nanok | Published Fri, May 19th 2017 at 08:21, Updated May 19th 2017 at 08:31 GMT +3

President Uhuru witnessing signing of investment agreement worth over Sh2b between China Power Global and Amu Power to operate a Lamu coal project.

NAIROBI, KENYA: There is nothing wrong with Kenya signing business deals with countries like China, Britain and USA  so long as the deal is viable for the growth of the country’s economy and to improve the lives of its citizens. There have been other regimes before Jubilee and they have had trade deals with Western countries.

The Opposition should desist from lecturing Kenyans on how Jubilee runs the country. Kenya has an ambitious plan to develop its infrastructure as in the case of the multi-billion-shilling Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Kenya is a middle-income economy and for it to boost its GDP by double digits, it must borrow to invest in infrastructure to spur the economy of the country and improve the lives of its people.

The Opposition should not be spreading propaganda that the country’s resources are being mismanaged. They should be telling Kenyans what, if they form the next government, they have to offer Kenyans other than the usual empty rhetoric? I am a member of the House budget committee where the cost of the projects thatthe government wants to undertake are discussed and agreed upon.

It is unfair for the Opposition to meddle in Jubilee affairs by bringing a lot of interference. I cannot say we are perfect but the Opposition should feel the impact of what we are doing as a Government, like with the case of reviving the collapsed industries in Western Kenya.




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