Rachel Ruto flags off Israel Mashav fellowship beneficiaries

The government has commissioned the seventh cohort of Kenya-Israel exchange programme in agriculture.

Through the office of the First Lady Rachel Ruto, under Mama Doing Good, some 210 students were selected for the programme.

Speaking yesterday during Mashav Fellows Breakfast Send-Off at State House, Mrs Ruto said the programme is a bolster to agricultural sector that will, in the long term, ensure food security.

“This programme undoubtedly promises to be an enlightening and inspiring learning journey that will create solutions for agriculture in Arid and Semi- Arid regions in Kenya,” said Mrs Ruto.

The office of First Lady collaborated with Ministry of Education and Smart Mechanized Agriculture and Climate Action for Humanity and Sustainability (SMACHS) foundation on the programme.

SMACHS is run by office of the first daughter Charlene Ruto.

According to latest study by United States Agency for International Development, agriculture contributes to 33 per cent of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product and 40 per cent in the employment sector.

Mashav Fellowship is an Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation focused on poverty alleviation and food security in developing countries as its primary mandate.

In Kenya, Mashav operates the airlifts under management of Arava International Centre for Agriculture Training.

Mrs Ruto noted that the progamme is a bolster to the government’s Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) as agriculture is top of President William Ruto’s economic development priority list.

She said the successful collaboration between Kenya and Israel has resulted in exchanges of trainees in key courses, like security, medicine and agriculture

Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Kenya Drova Yarkoni said the 11-month programme will equip the beneficiaries with modern agricultural skills required to find global solutions for climate change and food insecurity.

“The winning combination of practical training on advance and modern form, theoretical studies and professional guiding tools of the area, provides the students with unique and rich experience,” said Yarkoni.

According to PS Diaspora in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Roseline Njogu, 92 beneficiaries are expected to leave the country for Israel this weekend as others had flown.

Permanent Secretary for Higher Education and Research Beatrice Inyangala underscored the importance of the initiative that she said offers the right connections to develop the work force needed to spur our economic development of the country.