Ruto: A financial system stands between Africa and a potential green sustainable future

President William Ruto during the 3rd Regional Symposium on Greening Judiciaries in Africa at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi County. [WSR, Twitter}

President William Ruto has said that a financial system is the only thing standing between Africa and a potential green and sustainable future.

The president, speaking at the Environmental Law Symposium at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi on Monday, April 3, which has been attended by 27 African Chief Justices said that international funding must be more appropriate in terms of how much resources is needed.

“The sooner we have a fair international financial system, that makes it possible to exploit resources in a better manner, the better. The only thing that stands between us and this potential is a financial system that was designed to serve a different time,” Ruto said.

The symposium which was aiming at greening Judiciaries in Africa was also attended by the president of the supreme court, Chief Justice (CJ) Martha Koome who emphasized that the Chief Justices will continue to play a proactive law in the fight against climate change by making decisions and judgements that contribute to a greener Africa.

President Ruto further stated four reasons why Africa is in a pivotal position in going green.

He mentioned the four reasons being:

  1. Africa has the highest resources and potential for green energy whether geothermal, wind, solar or hydro.
  2. Africa has the greatest potential for green sustainable Agriculture and food production because two thirds of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in the continent.
  3. Africa has a population that is composed of young, energetic and creative individuals.
  4. Africa has the mineral and natural resources for green energy technology.

Ruto also added that the economic path taken by the world and its powers is unsustainable to Africa and that the path of pollution is not a path to be taken in Africa. Instead a more ecologically responsible industrialisation path should be adopted.

The president commended the African Union for the firm commitment demonstrated by them (AU) in the matter of climate.

“The African Union prefers more ecologically responsible industrialization. One that promotes resilience in food systems, water resources and energy, transport and infrastructure among others. The path taken by the world is unsustainable to Africa. The path of pollution is not a path that we want to take,” he said.