How to make a trip great, improve your experience

As you travel, you will learn tips on budget travel that allows you to travel longer and experience fascinating things. [Istockphoto] 

If you are passionate about travel, one thing that is for sure is that with each trip, you gain knowledge on how to travel better the next time.

With time you accumulate a lot of information that will make you an articulate traveller in terms of how to improve your trips. “This means building a treasure-trove of tips to not only make your travel better but sharing the lessons (tips) to make travel better for travellers too,” Slawek Muturi, a Kenyan Polish traveller, one of the three travellers on record to have travelled to every country in the world once told me.

Here are tips from seasoned travellers – about hiking, camping, destinations, and everything about travel and adventure.

Keep an open mind

Travelling means you will cut across the cultural divide, meet new people and encounter new places. Do not judge the lifestyle of the cultural behaviours and customs because they are different from yours. Practice empathy and consider the feelings and emotions of others, embrace diversity, and explore different possibilities. This way, you will accumulate a wealth of experience from the people and places you will encounter during your travels.

Lose yourself on purpose

The best way to get to know people and places is “by losing yourself”, which has got to do with walking without exactly knowing where you are heading (keep in mind safety tips). Note down your destination home just in case you get lost or might get lost and want to call a taxi. By doing this, you will get to parts of your destination and get to meet people in their best daily routines.

Binge a bit while travelling

As you travel, you will learn tips on budget travel that allows you to travel longer and experience fascinating things about your destination. Budget travel allows you to travel to many places as opposed to wasting your money on things that you might not need such as expensive hotel food and accommodation. However, it is recommended that you balance both budget versus expensive to experience the two.

Pack a padlock(s)

This will come in handy in many situations such as if you are staying at a hotel with lockers. You will find the padlock handy if you need to lock your suitcase or bag to ensure the safety of your valued items.