In 2027, Raila Odinga and Nyanza will repay Kalonzo Musyoka's debt

Azimio-OKA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka share some light moments at the Wilson airport on arrival from Meru campaigns. [Dennis Kavisu, Standard]

If I wanted more 'Vawulence', I could have said that Kalonzo Musyoka would replace Raila Odinga in Luo Nyanza. But, since I am a peace-loving citizen, I only say that if Kalonzo is willing, obedient and rock solid in his political resolves, he will eat the best of the Luo Nyanza come 2027. Therefore, in 2027, Nyanza will be to Kalonzo, what Central was to William Ruto in 2022.

Why Luo Nyanza? Because the region has the tastiest votes in Kenya. Why 2027 now? Because the road to 2027 started this week, September 13, when President Ruto delivered his first written speech on a tablet whose screen timeout was set after a minute.

Let me introduce to Kenyans a doctor of politics-if President Moi was a professor of politics, then William Samoei Ruto is a doctor of politics.

This doctor of politics, whose quick moves we all admired, visibly started consolidating his armies for 2022 when he confessed that his first appointment went to his outgoing boss, Uhuru Kenyatta, whom he placed as Kenya's peace envoy to Ethiopia and the Great Lakes region.

By doing so, Ruto, on his first day, politically captured Azimio-Isn't Uhuru Kenyatta the chairperson of Azimio la Umoja one Kenya alliance? But, of course, those who are slow to anchor will say no and allot names.

Unquestionably, today is less than 1,800 days, the second Tuesday of August of the fifth year enshrined in the 2010 constitution-August 10, 2027. Before stoning the political chessboard to start campaigning early, know that this is the oracle of the political heavens and is not a respecter of persons. Campaigns have started, daggers are drawn, and pieces on the chessboard are moving.

Last week I hypothesised that the retired president Uhuru Kenyatta was fit to take over from Raila Odinga as the official opposition leader. However, when we learnt that he got a job already in Ruto's government, I swallowed some saliva. Then I raised my nose when Azimio's insider blame trading started. It culminated with Azimio's' deep throats' washing their dirty linen in public-justifying the insider betrayals, misleads, misdeeds, cunnings and canisters.

It dawned on us that President Kenyatta can't be Kenya's peace envoy and lead demonstrations and picketing in Nairobi. President Ruto must have taken my column seriously and decided to render my prophecy null and void. However, this week, Kalonzo Musyoka is weighed and found worthy to face off against Ruto in 2027-Kalonzo should be careful not to be derailed. Still, he must understand he's dealing with a doctor of politics.

Listening to the 6.9 million ground, Kalonzo delivered significant Ukambani votes for Raila Odinga. The lake waves are confessing that he did not disappoint. Long before the elections, I said he would deliver more votes to Baba than the whole of Mount Kenya-from Ngong to Karima Turi. The Luo Nyanza is ready to repay him for supporting their son, Agwambo, for the record three times without wavering. They are convinced that the senior counsel delivered actual votes, not hot air.

Moreover, since 2013, Ukambani has been politically Luo Nyanza. Not even the Luhya nation has ever beaten Ukambani in terms of voter fruitage for Raila Odinga. Finally, in 2027, Raila has every reason to say Kalonzo Tosha, and it will happen. The 2022 miss consummated Raila as the Kenyan political principality. He will endorse Kalonzo, and the son from Tseikuru will shake William Ruto.

The oracle is out-let the diligent grasp and work it out, for the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. The 2022 elections have taught us that power does not ensue from the powerful. The political favour does not reside with the erudite.

Therefore, in Kenyan politics starting in 2022, time and chance can happen to all and sundry irrespective of class, gender, age and tribe-out of the generations of ethnic politics, enter the age of politics of strategy.