Keep off our salary talks, teachers tell George Magoha

Teachers unions have asked Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha (pictured) to keep off their 60 per cent salary increment demand.

Kenya National Union of Teacher (Knut) and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education (Kuppet) termed Magoha's comments as reckless and insensitive.

KUPPET secretary general Akelo Misori and Collins Oyuu of Knut said that whereas Magoha has a right to comment on matters education and its management, the union disagreed with him on salary matters.

Misori said that teachers’ incomes have been eroded by high inflation of recent years and expressed shock at Magoha's comments.

“They deserve salary reviews under the 2022-2025 Public Sector Review Cycle – which they were denied last year on the false basis of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Misori stated. 

Misori explained that over the last four months, Kuppet and Knut have presented their demands to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), which is the mandated authority for negotiating teachers’ salaries.

“Our unions have got strong assurances, including written undertakings from the Commission, of the demands being considered within appropriate government channels,” the secretary general said. "It is, therefore, reckless for the minister to deride a negotiating process of which he is not a party.”

Oyuu said that Magoha’s roles and functions continue to be policy development in the ministry in relation to development of curriculum, supervision of the same and infrastructural development of institutions of learning right from the basic to tertiary levels of learning "...that which he has quite some task to accomplish."

Oyuu also said that unions will not entertain distraction in the pursuit to negotiate teachers’ benefits.