David Mwaure: I'm the only presidential candidate who is not a project

Agano Party presidential candidate Waihiga Mwaure. [Esther Jeruto, Standard]

Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga believes he is the only presidential candidate who is not a project and is confident that he will win the August 9 elections by a landslide.

An ordained reverend at the World Changers Church, and a practicing lawyer for 39 years, the 65-year-old father of five terms his competitors as ‘projects of State and of other people’s interests’ saying he is the only  candidate who has the interests of Kenyans at heart.

Mwaure claimed presidential candidates Raila Odinga (Azimio La Umoja) and Prof George Wajackohya (Roots Party) are State projects while Deputy President William Ruto represents other people’s interests.

“I’m the only candidate without the sponsorship of any interests and thus has the interests of Kenyans at heart. Others are using taxpayers’ money while I’m using my hard-earned sweat and what philanthropic voters may donate to me,’ Mwaure said. His political theory is that Raila has been supported by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his regime while Wajackohya is meant to draw back the political gains made by Ruto especially to the youth, with Ruto representing the interests of unnamed individuals should he ascend to power.

Presenting himself as the Biblical David who killed the mighty Goliath with a stone in a sling, the confident Mwaure said the August Presidential competition is his to lose and that should he fail to clinch the presidency, a run-off will be inevitable.

“If I will not be announced as the winner of the August 9 presidential race, the country must then prepare for a run-off,” said Mwaure, who dismissed the two-horse race narrative that places Raila and Ruto as the leading candidates.

The prelate cum lawyer and politician is not new to politics having unsuccessfully sought elective positions severally. This, he believes, exposed him to experience and political know-how which he is banking on to win the presidency.

In 2002, Mwaure, who is married to High Court Judge Lady Justice Anna Ngibuiini Mwaure, unsuccessfully attempted to run for a parliamentary seat in Molo, his home area. In 2007 he shifted to Kamukunji Constituency but luck was not on his side either.

He first expressed interest in the country’s top job in 2013 but opted to first make a run for the Lamu governorship seat where a branch of his law firm is based in readiness to prepare for the presidency. 

He refers to the loss of his daughter, mother, and Lamu elections as some of the low points in his life while getting cleared by IEBC to vie for the presidency as a high point.

“I strongly believe that every dream is valid but in this year’s election, my crystal balls tell me that this is my seat. I did not just wake up and decide to vie for the presidency, it has taken me a journey,” Mwaure said.

He said although he does not present himself as a tribal leader, he had a special message for Mt Kenya region where he hails from, and the church, since he is a Reverend.

Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure. [Jenipher Wachie, Standard]

“I belong to Mt Kenya and I’m their son, they should all vote for me since I will represent and protect their interests. Anyone claiming that we have been in leadership and we should give other people a chance is perpetuating the highest levels of tribalism and should not be listened to,” said Mwaure.

To the church, Mwaure said “I beseech the church not to give a brother who they can’t trust to be their Treasurer and remember that I’m part of the church.’

Top of the agenda should he be elected president includes increasing revenue allocation to counties to 40 per cent, designating 10 per cent of the 40 per cent to go directly to the village councils to steer development at the local level.

To the workers, he has pledged a general waiver of 50 per cent Pay As You Earn (Paye)), as well as a conducive environment for the private sector and small and medium enterprises to set up businesses in a bid to boost entrepreneurship.

His administration will verify all county and national government pending bills and convert them to government bonds. He will also enforce the Local Content Bill to ensure that all tenders below Sh1 billion are exclusively awarded to local companies.

Mwaure said one of his major tasks which will be prioritised will be to lower the high cost of living and revisit all the scandals that have been witnessed in the country as well as pressing the leadership of countries where he believes Sh15 trillion has been hidden.

He shared some sentiments on what his government will look like in an interview with this writer.

Politics is all about perception, funfair, pulling crowds, and showing might. Nothing of the sort can be associated with your campaigns, what should Kenyans expect in the remaining days to August 9?

Leadership comes from God. It is Him who raises and brings down. I may not have been involved in the politicking like my competitors but they have been using taxpayers’ money while I have been using my own resources. All my savings went to the vigorous nominations exercise and I’m now depending on what my friends are donating. I’m asking voters to help me reach them due to the scarcity of resources. I may only make stopovers in major towns which will start next week but with one or two cars. I appeal to Kenyans not to ask for handouts when I visit them.

Most of your competitors picked their running mates based on their regions to increase their chances of getting the backing of these areas. What informed your choice of running mate and what does she bring to the table?

I picked her first because she is a woman and I believe in women’s leadership. If we had a woman president, we could not have been going through the hardships we are facing. Another reason for picking her was because she is a youth and by picking her, I’m showing my commitment to including youth in my government. I thank my two competitors for picking women and urge voters to reject DP William Ruto for failing to pick a woman as his running mate.

Do you have confidence in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission? And what are your views on the use of the manual and digital voter register?

I have faith and confidence in the electoral agency. I hope there will be free and fair polls only that those associated with the printing of ballot papers should come clean. I support the use of a digital register since I have been a victim of rigging through the use of the manual one. I believe I would have been Lamu Senator were it not for rigging.

What is your political capital?

The church, professionals, and many Kenyans who are angry and tired of rhetoric leadership since 1963 are backing my candidature. The need of the hour is my political capital. I’m like David who many could did not think would offset the powers that be and kill Goliath.

How will your government deal with corruption?

Within 30 days after being sworn in as the fifth President, I will institute a truth and recovery commission that will expose corruption by naming and shaming leaders who have been embroiled in corruption scandals starting with Goldenberg, and Kemsa,  among others. I will equip Judiciary and investigation agencies to have teeth in the fight against graft and also have the goodwill to motivate Kenyans to report, without fear.

How do you arrive at the figure of Sh15 trillion which you claim has been stashed abroad and how feasible is it to have the monies returned?

Former Treasury Cs Henry Rotich said Sh15 trillion has been stashed abroad while the President himself talked of Sh2 billion being stolen daily. In fact, the figures could be close to Sh20 trillion.

My administration will be strict towards countries where the monies are hidden since we know them and if it will require that we cut off diplomatic ties and send their ambassadors back to their countries. This is an economic war and amounts to a violation of human rights. We shall not entertain countries who are using the proceeds of corruption to grow their economy. We shall only work with countries that will respect us. All countries will be required to sign a treaty to disclose information about Kenyans with bank accounts in their banking institutions.

What is your appeal to Kenyans as they head to the ballot on August 9?

We have been oppressed due to bad governance since we got independence. There have been cases of mis-administration, bad governance, and massive graft. We have a chance to correct that and vote for a clean leader. That leader is David Mwaure Waihiga.