Police deployed to enforce social distancing in Bomet

Police officers have been deployed to urban centres within Bomet County to ensure people observe social distancing.

The officers are also out to ensure hotels, restaurants and eateries are observing directives by the Government in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Bomet County Commissioner Geoffrey Omonding said those breaching any directive will be arrested by the teams of police across the county.

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“We are not taking any chance as a county and would do anything to ensure coronavirus does not hit the county,” said Omonding.

In a statement to the press, Omonding said police deployed are under strict instructions to deal harshly with those idling in groups.

“No idling is allowed at this time, anyone found hanging around aimlessly will be arrested and locked up,” he said.

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Omonding said security was also contemplating on banning boda boda operators saying most of them do not observe directives.

 “In case the virus is reported here, boda boda riders are most likely to spread it since they do not observe social distance. They are only interested in making money,” said omonding.

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He added: “We want the riders to stay away for a while and when the situation is under control they can come back.”

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