Deliverance Church wants Kadhi courts scrapped

Deliverance Church International has called for the scrapping of Kadhi courts from the Constitution.

The church says Kenya is a secular State and religious courts should not be funded by taxpayers' money.

In some of the recommendations, they will present to the Building Bridges Initiative steering committee, the church's leaders say they opposed the inclusion of the Kadhi courts in the current Constitution and want its funding and increment of its staff stopped.

They say Kadhi's courts currently deal with personal issues on Islamic Law. Addressing the Press at the Deliverance Lang’ata Church yesterday, the leaders urged the steering committee not to adopt the idea of upgrading the courts.

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On the thorny issue of whether Kenya should have a prime minister or not, the leaders said there is no need for one to win an election then hand over the operations to someone else.

They instead recommend having an official opposition leader with a shadow Cabinet whose operations will be fully funded by the State.

The leaders called for the adoption of some of the functions that were devolved to the county governments like health. They proposed creation of a National Health Service Commission to oversee health care provision.

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