Cabinet must deliver to Kenyans

Recently, Kenyans have been treated to a serious war of words by government leaders who should ideally be reading from the same script. They should also be busy working for the public good, and displaying unity at the top of government hierarchy. Instead, they have chosen to fight each other publicly. The war words in the Cabinet does not inspire public confidence at all.

A divided house cannot stand, nor can it deliver on its mandate. With abuses flying from these public servants, there is nothing differentiating them from quarrelsome politicians. To make matters worse, the officials seem busy aligning themselves politically, ahead of the 2022 succession plan. The public cares more about services not political affiliations. 

While busy fighting, Kenyans are facing harsh economic times. They are getting ravaged by disease, washed away by floods and dying in the hands of criminals and terrorists. But why have the public servants chosen to wash their dirty linen in public? This is not healthy for anyone and it seems like the government is busy opposing itself while at the same time expecting to spur confidence in the public. This is a long shot.

The President must whip his Cabinet to remain united and focus on delivery of his agenda to the people. It is also clear from the politicking that, the idea of picking Cabinet Secretaries from outside Parliament has not solved the problems faced when those chosen were in the house. 

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CabinetPresident Uhuru Kenyatta