Pay toxic malaria jab victims without further ado

In 2017, a court ordered that 28 children who got partially paralysed after they were injected with a toxic malaria injection be compensated.

But this, sadly, is yet to be done despite repeated promises by the County Government of Busia.The court had directed that the children be paid Sh42 million by the county, which runs the Akichelesit Dispensary that administered the injections.

Last week, the county once again gave the assurance that money for the children had been factored in the 2019/20 Supplementary Budget. But whether this will be done remains to be seen. Why? Because last year it also assured victims the cash had been factored in the 2018/19 Supplementary Budget. The payment never materialised.

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It is shameful that the county has taken this long to pay the money. That lives of 28 children were turned upside down partly because of the negligence of the county should be enough to prick its conscience. But it doesn't appear to.

What the county doesn't seem to understand is that no amount of money can assuage the pain these children have, and are still going through. In fact, the Sh42 million awarded is peanuts.

Considering that they will live with the paralysis for the rest of their lives, the county government should have volunteered to walk with them as they grow up.

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But they haven't asked for that. All they are asking for is the amount the court decreed. The county government should have made that a priority immediately the court made its decision. But it doesn't seem to be in a hurry. 

Meanwhile, the children continue to suffer as their parents struggle to fend for them. The county should stop rubbing salt into the would it caused the children by paying them now.

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