Raila Odinga on infrastructure talks in Indonesia (PHOTOS)

AU Special Envoy for Infrastructure Raila Odinga (L) and President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Photo: Courtesy)
Africa Union Special Envoy for infrastructure Raila Odinga is on a tour of Indonesia for dialogue on infrastructure.

According to the organisers, the dialogue brings together 700 participants from Indonesia and all African countries feature the signing of business deals in infrastructure cooperation and other strategic industries between Indonesia and African countries.

“This dialogue is a modest beginning for future events of its kind and it is hoped to catalyse and propel further cooperation in these related sectors,” reads a statement on https://iaid.kemlu.go.id/.

During the two days, panel discussions will convene featuring prominent Indonesian, African and international policy makers as well as business people, covering issues related to infrastructure.

“The forum is aimed at ensuring collaboration in the infrastructure sector is strengthened to produce mutually beneficial results,” Raila posted on his Facebook page.

Raila Odinga addresing participants at the Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue 2019 (Photo: Courtesy)

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On Tuesday, he met President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. He also held talks with Retno LP Marsudi the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia that focused on increased and improved collaboration between Africa and Indonesia in different sectors.

Also present were the host nation’s Ambassadors to Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

What is The Indonesia Africa Infrastructure Dialogue?

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According to https://iaid.kemlu.go.id/, the Indonesia and Africa reached a new milestone of cooperation by the successful convening of the first-ever Indonesia-Africa Forum (IAF) held on April 10 – 11 last year in Bali, Indonesia.

The forum not only reinforced the existing strong relations between Indonesia and Africa forged since the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference, but it also paved new avenues for economic cooperation.

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IAF resulted in concrete economic cooperation amounting to USD 586,56 million of business deals in sectors of strategic industries, infrastructure, financing, mining, textile, aircraft maintenance and trade in commodities.

Infrastructure was one of the most highlighted issues in the forum, as both Indonesia and Africa regard this sector as a high priority for future development.

According to the Global Infrastructure Outlook from Global Infrastructure Hub, the investment needs for various infrastructure projects in Africa from 2016 to 2040 amounts to Over Sh600 trillion.

Raila at talks with Retno LP Marsudi, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia (PHOTO: Courtesy)

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