Shooters fire the weekend away at the inaugural Langata shooting competition

Master shooter ENG Robert Nyamongo pulling the trigger
Holsters, gun magazines, shooting targets, eye and ear protection, name it! This is always a stunning picture of any serious shooting range.

The picture was not any different at the Kenya Rifle Regiment Club (KRRC) shooting range in Langata.

Almost 50 Licensed gun owners drawn from KRRC, the National Gun Owners Association and the Armed Forces gathered together for the Inaugural 2019 shooting competition which took place on Sunday 20th, January at KRRC Langata.

The event kicked off with prayers and a minute of silence in honor of the Dusit hotel terror attack victims and recognition of those who helped in the rescue mission which saw several people rescued.

Robert Nyamongo with IDPA South Africa President Vivian Whatley
There were four courses of fire in the event that commenced at 8.00AM and lasted into late afternoon with proficiency of rifles, handguns, pistols, revolvers and shotguns put into competitive action.


               NAME                                            DIVISION                        POINTS

Robert Nyamongo                                 ST                                             410.4276

Stanford Otundo                                    OP                                           396.3761

Aden Mohammed                                  PROD                                      370.7113

Eric Wachira                                          PROD                                      367.9282

Ashu Sennik                                           ST                                           366.9303

Manu Fresco                                           OP                                           359.6343

Alex Migwi                                             PROD                                      339.7978

Serge Medic                                            PROD                                     337.9226

Sammy Onyango                                     ST                                           337.6042

Aly Khan                                                 ST                                           332.8924

Shooting sports which is fast gaining popularity among the elite civilian gun holders, hunters, police, military and military reservists is both a competitive and recreational activity meant to impact licensed gun holders with skills and expertise on gun usage in various instances.

Master shooter Robert Nyamongo who emerged top among other seasoned shooters had a few tips for both experienced and amateur shooters.

 “To fire a good shot you must pull the trigger when your hold is best. Shooters must figure out how they are pulling the trigger first before they can fire without disturbing aim. How you hold the trigger can work for, or against you,” he said.

“Your finger should make 90 degree angles with the rifle, this will ensure that the bullet doesn’t veer off to the left or right. A good marksman knows exactly when his gun is going to fire and is ready for the recoil but doesn’t flinch in anticipation of it,” he added.

Sgt Adan Mohamed, ex-RECCE [circled]
Sgt Adan Mohamed, ex-RECCE, who was one of the first respondents at the Dusit attack crime scene, applied his thorough knowledge and expertise in counter-terrorism, managed to enter inside the hotel building and saved several people.

 Mohammed emerged third overall in the Sunday competition.

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