Detectives intercept lorry ferrying ethanol in Subukia

Mystery surrounds the interception of a lorry that was allegedly transporting dubious goods belonging to a top politician.

A police officer who requested anonymity because he is not allowed to speak to the media, said the lorry was transporting ethanol packed in drums. The drums were covered with sacks of omena to avoid detection during transportation.

The officer said the lorry was headed to Nairobi from Western but the driver decided to use the Subukia route towards Naivasha to evade police roadblocks on the highway.

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“The lorry was transporting ethanol, but I cannot talk much about it because it belongs to a top politician.

“They were covered by omena to avoid detection,” said the police source.

Officers from Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Naivasha trailed the lorry and intercepted it at Kirengero along Nakuru Subukia road.

According to the Occurrence Book (OB) the vehicle was driven to Kirengero Police Station by investigating officers on Wednesday night.

The OB further stated that on Thursday at around 12.30pm, the vehicle was driven to Naivasha DCIO offices for further investigation.

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“The lorry was brought here by CID officers and they later picked it up. I do not know what it was carrying because it was covered, and it not having been our operation, we did not find out what it was transporting,” said an officer at the station who requested anonymity.

Surprisingly, despite leaving Kirengero Police Station on Thursday, by yesterday the lorry had not arrived at Naivasha DCIO offices.

The Standard called Naivasha DCIO Kennedy Njoroge on Friday at 11.40am and he said he was waiting for the lorry.

Mr Njoroge was, however, reluctant to share information on contents of the consignment and maintained he could only reveal after it was opened.

“It is true we intercepted a lorry along Subukia road, but I cannot disclose what it was ferrying because I have not seen the consignment neither do I know who the owner is,” said the DCIO.

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The interception of the lorry was confirmed by Subukia OCPD Jacinta Wangechi who said investigation was being conducted by DCIO.

She said she was not aware where the lorry was heading to, nor what it was transporting because investigations were being conducted by CID officers.

“The lorry was intercepted by CID officers who picked it at Kirengero. I am not privy to what it was transporting,” said the OCPD.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru said he was informed about the interception of the lorry.

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