90,377 candidates pass exams to meet university entry mark

Of the 660,204 who sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination this year, 90,377 achieved the minimum university entry grade of C+ (C Plus).

This is 20,000 more - 13.77 per cent increase - to last year’s 70,073 (11.38 per cent in 2017 examinations.

The increase in number of students who have qualified present a headache to the universities and colleges placement board, who have to meet early January to look for spaces to absorb them.

Early this year, data from the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) showed that last year 2017, the public universities declared 72,251 spaces and absorbed 74,000 after some slots adjustments.

The rest of the 660,204 students who did not get the required marks have no reason to worry because the Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, while releasing the exams, said the Government has plans to accommodate them in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

“Candidates whose results will be released today have every reason to be more hopeful than previous cohorts.

Enhanced financing

I wish to announce that the Government has enhanced financing to over 150,000 TVET trainees at an estimated cost of Sh10.5 billion,” said Amina.

She added: “Currently, Helb is funding students in 74 TVET institutions and is expected to progressively increase funding to TVET trainees in all the 203 TVET institutions across the country.

I encourage more KCSE graduates to apply for admission in approved Ministry of Education TVET Institutions.”