Family forgives man who killed their daughter

A man who has confessed to killing his lover will know his fate next month.

Moses Kenu confessed to have used a Maasai sword to kill Wahu Tuwei after they quarreled.

The killing was committed on June 16, 2007 at Sher Agencies Limited Company quarters in Naivasha sub-county.

After seven years in remand, Kenu pleaded guilty before Nakuru judge Joel Ngugi in September after prosecution reduced his charge from murder to manslaughter.

According to court papers, Kenu had gone to visit Wahu at around 4pm on the day he killed her. Wahu allegedly accused him of spying on her and another man she was alleged to be dating.

“A quarrel allegedly broke between the two. It resulted into a fight. Kenu drew his Maasai sword and cut the deceased on the head twice before partially cutting her neck,” read the police report.

The accused was arrested while undergoing treatment and later learnt that Wahu had died from the cuts.

As the court set to sentence him back last October, Wahu’s family extended an olive branch to him asking the court to release him on time served in remand.

According to Paul Tuwei, Wahu’s father, the battle for justice had taken more than 11 years and it was time to patch things up with the accused.

“We have agreed as the complainant’s family to forgive Kenu after he pleaded for mercy. He has suffered in custody,” said Mr Tuwei.

“The pain took a toll on us and we wanted to punish the accused.He is family and was in the process of marrying my daughter,” he added.

In mitigation, Kenu told the court he had reformed and learnt to live with people in peace.

Probation report recommended a three-year non-custodial sentence for Kenu.

State counsel Amos Chigiti did not object to the proposal by the probation officer.

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