Kisii MCAs adopt motion to increase bursary fund to Sh6 million

Kisii County Assembly has adopted a motion to increase the County Bursary Fund from the current Sh3 million to Sh6 million.

The motion tabled in the Assembly by Bogetenga Ward Representative James Ngisa seeks to enhance socio-economic and political growth.

The motion further seeks to cater for the increasing number of needy cases in Kisii County.

In support of the motion, Ngisa said there is concern that cash crops in the region can no longer support households to meet their basic needs.

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"This has been occasioned by dwindling returns from cash crops and poor farming techniques," said Ngisa.

Majority of the MCAs supported the motion saying the number of needy cases has been on an upward trend.

"The number of orphans in the community has been increasing. There is no better way to support them than awarding them bursaries," said Denis Ombachi, Marani Ward Representative.

However Education Committee chairman in the Assembly, Samuel Mirieri opposed the motion saying such funds should have been channelled to Vocational Training Centers for infrastructure development.

Kisii County has 45 Wards and it is expected that each will receive an equal share of the Sh6 million.

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