Signs your teenager is involved in crime- Study

Students from Mogoon Secondary School at a Nakuru Court after they were arrested with 300ml of Super Petrol on July 26,2018.They were suspected that they intention of commiting arson. [Photo: Harun Wathari/Standard]

Being rude, unsettled, confused and absent-minded are some of the signs a student is involved in illegal activities.

A task force the Ministry of Education set up in 2016 to investigate cases of student unrest said in its report such students could also be involved in cultism, radicalisation, lesbianism, homosexuality and drug abuse.

The team chaired by Clare Omollo released the report last December and urged parents and teachers to look out for strange signs or marks on their children's clothes and bodies.

It said such students contradicted morals and were bullies, withdrawn and secretive.

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Given that the signs are largely behavioural, the team wants parents to pay attention to their children, especially during school holidays.

The task force also audited safety and security systems in schools and investigated the possible link between school unrest and devil worship, radicalisation, lesbianism, homosexuality, drug abuse, cultism and mushrooming of religious groupings.

Students who practise devil worship are always absent and appear prayerful, according to the report.

It said such students might also faint for long hours, threaten other students, hallucinate and draw strange signs on walls.

The students may also lack interest in academics, can be philanthropic, are bold and have unexplained huge amounts of money.

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"They tend to have supernatural powers and don’t participate in Christian Union activities. They love secretive activities, some done in darkness while naked, and involve sacrifice and thirst for blood," says the report.

Those who were radicalised showed abnormally strong religious convictions, defended their beliefs with a passion and did not accommodate divergent views, the report said.

"Those in criminal gangs are always armed, smoke, exhibit a don’t-care attitude, steal school property, threaten teachers and fellow students, and always use codes and nick names.