Deaf psychic cat predicts outcome of World Cup opener [PHOTOS]

Achilles carried by its owner [Photo: Courtesy]
Achilles, a deaf cat from Russia said to possess ‘psychic’ powers has predicted the outcome of the first match of the 2018 World Cup.

Russia were hosting Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium today in a World Cup opening fixture.

The host country Russia has managed to beat Saudi Arabia 5-0.

Achilles was scared when it was brought to the table [Photo: Courtesy]
Achilles looking Serious [Photo: Courtesy]
The cat was introduced at a press conference in Russia on Wednesday and two bowls of cat food, one with the Russia flag, the other with the Saudi flag, placed in front of it.

What's that? [Photo: Courtesy]
Achilles sniffing food in Saudi's bowl [Photo: Courtesy]
Achilles eats from Russia's bowl [Photo: Courtesy]

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After about 20 seconds of weird sniffing, Achilles apparently decided to eat food from the bowl labelled with the Russia flag.

Achilles carried with owner alongside Russia flag after the prediction [Photo: Courtesy]
Russia it is [Photo: Courtesy]
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